Example: Clarifying a Shared Vision

Urban Health Initiative

“Every household in Uttar Pradesh will have confident, expert couples who discuss, choose, and consistently use the modern contraceptive method best suited to their needs in order to realize their dreams and achieve their aspirations of a bright future for their families.”– UHI Vision Statement

A UHI TV spot promotes family planning for urban populations.

As envisioned in the statement above, UHI aims to increase contraceptive prevalence by portraying the use of family planning as a positive contribution to a family’s plans for the future.

Positive role models- couples successfully using family planning, helpful and responsive providers, and community members sharing their knowledge of family planning with friends and family in order to support their health and happiness- represented family planning’s positive contributions to a happy life.

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With funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented by a consortium of international, national, non-governmental and community-based organizations, the Urban Health Initiative (2009-2014) aims to improve the health of the urban poor with a focus on improving urban reproductive health and family planning in Uttar Pradesh, India. UHI is part of a larger, global initiative which is working in India, Nigeria, Kenya and Senegal. More on UHI