Example: Identifying Key Message Points


scrutinizeThe Scrutinize campaign aimed to increase risk perception among young people to HIV infection in South Africa through the broadcast of eight animated advertisements (Animerts). The Animerts focused on the risk of having two or more partners at the same time; the linkage between alcohol, sex and HIV; and the exchange of sex for money or material goods. The spots were praised at the International Animation Festival in France in June 2009 and won a Marketing Mix Khuza Award, the first time a cause marketing campaign was featured in a South African people’s choice award. Scrutinize has become a buzz word that is used by young people to talk about issues confronting their lives.

Key Message Points

  • Fewer partners in a life time lowers risk. (sexual risk)
  • Use condoms every time with every partner. (sexual risk, early stage infection, condom efficacy)
  • HIV test yourself regularly. (early stage infection)
  • Don’t stress, test regularly together. (faithfulness)
  • An undercover lover can bring you HIV from another. (sexual networks)
  • If the playa is too drunk to put it on, don’t put him in the game. (alcohol)
  • Don’t get more than you bargained for from sugar. Scrutinize and eliminate the element of sugar surprise. (transactional sex)

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In 2004, The Health Communication Partnership South Africa field office registered as a local NGO — Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA). Supported by USAID, JHHESA provides technical assistance and financial support to over 16 local institutions working at the national, provincial and local levels to build capacity to design, implement, monitor, evaluate, and manage HIV and AIDS related behavior change communication programs. The Scrutinize campaign was a joint effort by JHHESA, Levi’s Red for Life, USAID, PEPFAR, and other South African partners.