Sample Template Message Map for Cholera

Audience: General Public/Media
Question/Concern: What is Cholera?

Key Message 1

Cholera is a severe diarrheal disease

Key Message 2

If not treated immediately, cholera can be deadly

Key Message 3

Cholera can affect anyone who comes in contact with the bacteria that causes cholera

Supporting Fact 1.1

Cholera is caused by a bacteria found in feces.

Supporting Fact 1.2

Cholera causes mild to severe watery diarrhea that looks like rice water

Supporting Fact 1.3

In severe cases diarrhea is accompanied vomiting and weakness

Supporting Fact 2.1

Cholera can cause dehydration (loss of water) within a few hours if not treated

Supporting Fact 2.2

Dehydration (loss of water) from cholera can cause death

 Supporting Fact 2.3

Cholera must be treated immediately at a health facility

Supporting Fact 3.1

Everyone can be affected by cholera if they come into contact with the bacteria causing cholera.

Supporting Fact 3.2

Children under the age of 5 years are at greater risk of being infected with cholera

Supporting Fact 3.3

People living with someone who has cholera are at greater risk of infection

Key Message 4

Cholera transmission occurs where there is unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Key Message 5

Cholera bacteria are found in contaminated feces.

Key Message 6

Washing hands with soap at critical times can reduce the spread of cholera

Supporting Fact 4.1

Cholera transmission is more common in overcrowded and unhygienic environments.

Supporting Fact 4.2

Cholera can spread easily in highly populated communities where access to clean water and sanitation are poor and hygiene is compromised by insufficient hand washing and during food preparation.

Supporting Fact 4.3

Cholera cannot be spread through breathing, sneezing or coughing.

Supporting Fact 5.1

Cholera is spread when the cholera bacteria reach the water that people drink or the food that people eat.

Supporting Fact 5.2

The bacteria can reach food and water if people do not wash their hands with after going to the toilet, before eating or during food preparation.

Supporting Fact 5.3

Cholera can also be spread through flies moving from contaminated feces to food.

Supporting Fact 6.1

Washing hands with soap after going to the toilet, before eating and during food preparation can protect you and your children from getting cholera.

Supporting Fact 6.2

Keeping your living spaces clean and ensuring that your children play in a clean location can reduce the spread of cholera.

Supporting Fact 6.3

Is someone you know has watery diarrhea, you should contact a health care provider immediately.