Chapter 2. Resolution Stage

UNICEF and AJCOM team on the ground sensitizing people in  Conakry about Ebola

UNICEF and AJCOM team on the ground sensitizing people in Conakry about Ebola

Resolution Stage

During this stage, it is important to ensure that community members do not become complacent. This might also be a time when communication might be directed toward recovery of the health systems and the country, depending on the severity of the situation. Communicators should reinforce messages through communication campaigns or other mechanisms so that audiences understand that a new and desired behavior is necessary to prevent declines in other health areas and future outbreaks.

At this stage, the following areas need to be considered:

Inform the public that they still need to be vigilant about identifying and reporting any possible new cases and maintaining some of their newly adopted preventative and protective behaviors, such as handwashing.

Assess any problems that may have occurred and address them in this phase. Continue best practices that were effective.

Coordinate with any health systems recovery teams to ensure messages are coordinated.

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