Chapter 3. Ebola Communication Pillars

During the 2014–15 West Africa outbreak, the coordination mechanism for communication consisted of two distinct but interrelated pillars:

Social Mobilization

Engaged individuals and communities primarily through community influencers, public address systems, door-to-door campaigns, distribution of materials and discussions within community groups and other community initiatives

Media Communication

Focused on communication through national spokespersons and media—such as print, radio and other broadcasts


It is important to note that some implementing partners recognize the challenges in separating SM from media/communication, since this structure causes gaps in efficiency. As such, it is worthwhile considering development of a communication coordination mechanism that encompasses all types of communication, including SM/community engagement and media, perhaps with an overarching title such as SBCC.

Below is an example of the SM pillars and sub-committees developed in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia during the 2014–15 outbreak.







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