Annex C: Communication Approaches and Activities

Choosing the right mix of communication channels – such as mass media (e.g., radio, TV, print), IPC (e.g., in-person community outreach) or ICT (e.g., SMS, social media) – for your messages is critical to reach priority audiences. The following are examples of communication approaches, activities and materials for reaching primary and influencing audiences about the risks of AMA and HP pregnancies and the use of modern FP to avoid them.

Communication Channels and ApproachesActivitiesMaterials
IPC/C by Service Providers and Health Agents

  • Counseling during FP
  • Antenatal and postpartum visits
  • Home visits conducted by CHWs and providers

  • FP method flipchart
  • AMA/HP risk assessment tool
  • Provider cue cards and posters
  • Client take-home leaflets with method and side effect descriptions
  • Videos for waiting rooms

Community Mobilization

  • Parades
  • Durbars (traditional community gatherings)
  • Community dialogues between service providers, government officials and community representatives
  • Advocacy with community leaders to make resources available for FP services

  • FP method flipchart
  • Logos identifying service delivery points in the community
  • Community group discussion guide
  • Audio Tapes/CDs for community gatherings
  • Posters
  • Danglers
  • Banners

Mass and Social Media

  • Radio and TV public service announcements (PSAs)
  • Radio call-in programs or Vox pop shows
  • Radio/TV serial dramas
  • Telephone hotlines
  • SMS
  • Game shows
  • Websites

  • PSAs
  • Videos
  • Infomercials
  • Films
  • Audio Tapes/CDs of songs or drama series

Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs), Religious Leaders or Religious Community Meetings/ Groups

  • Sermons in Churches or Mosques
  • Prayer group meetings
  • Church-based women’s group meetings
  • Religious health services
  • Individual counseling conducted by Priests, Imams, Pastors, or Deacons
  • Counseling by service providers in FBO clinics
  • Religious leader statements made in the press or in the community

  • Talking points or sermon guides for religious leaders about risks for AMA and HP pregnancies
  • FP method flipchart and leaflets
  • AMA/HP risk assessment tool for use by religious groups or FBO clinicians
  • Referral cards to FBO or regular clinics

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