Guiding Questions for Reviewers

Contextual Analysis

  1. Does our analysis of the context provide an accurate and convincing case for our proposed interventions?
  2. Do we adequately identify the causes of health problems, that is, does our analysis inform/strengthen the causal framework?
  3. Have relevant actors been identified?

Technical Approach


  1. Are the intended beneficiaries and problems to be addressed clearly described and appropriately quantified?

Technical Interventions and Project Activities

  1. Is there a clear explanation of what the proposed project will do, how and by whom?
  2. Are the specific approaches and methods to be used clearly described?
  3. Is a convincing case made that these are appropriate and likely to be effective?
  4. Has research or evaluation of previous projects informed proposed programming?
  5. Do we state clearly where the project will be implemented and why the locale is appropriate?
  6. Are the roles of any partner organizations or governmental bodies clear and appropriate?
  7. Are the outcomes to be achieved both significant and measurable?
  8. Are appropriate local partners involved?
  9. Have we identified existing programs working in this area and outlined methods of collaboration?

Health Impact and Sustainability

  1. Will proposed interventions directly address intended health outcomes?
  2. Are the proposed interventions appropriate in the specific implementation sites?
  3. Are the proposed interventions realistic?
  4. Do we make a convincing case that the activities proposed will be sustainable beyond the life of the project?

Post-project Plan and Assumptions and Constraints

  1. Is the post-project plan clear and achievable?
  2. Have underlying assumptions been made clear?
  3. Are potential constraints identified and addressed?

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Is the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan clear, realistic and likely to generate adequate project management information?
  2. Have we committed the necessary expertise for effective M&E?
  3. Is there potential learning that would be of significant interest to USAID?

Management, Implementation and Staffing

  1. Is there a clear overview of the timeline for the major stages of the proposed project?
  2. Is the headquarters-project relationship adequately described?
  3. Have we proposed well-qualified staff?
  4. Are the roles of any partner organizations adequately and clearly described?
  5. Are the roles of relevant government ministries and county representatives adequately described?

Institutional Capabilities and Past Performance

  1. Have we described our track record implementing this type of project?
  2. Have we demonstrated the necessary technical expertise?
  3. Have we made a convincing case for strong management and implementation?