Fundraising is a critical task for most nonprofit organizations. While grants and contracts from donors, and income generated through effective business plans to develop and launch new products and services, may provide sufficient funds for some organizations, most have to develop alternate sources of funding.

Fortunately numerous resources are available to assist you with the process of fundraising. These resources are found easily – online, on paper, in associations and with colleagues. Many of these resources are free and can provide an ongoing community of support globally, even if you are doing nonprofit development in remote areas of various countries. As with most resources these days, reasonable internet access is the road to self-education.

This implementation kit (I-Kit) addresses key areas of interest for small and medium nonprofits. Each step contains an overview of the process, with a practical, abridged guide for successful development. Within the step, the I-Kit offers links to a more detailed explanation.

This I-Kit focuses on fundraising for nonprofits in countries with limited resources. Interestingly, access to appropriate materials for this target population is also easily available. The steps may be different at different levels of organization, but the goal is creating the right plan for your organization and then implementing that plan.

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