Promoting Quality Malaria Medicines through SBCC

Step 3: Develop and Test Messages and Materials

ssffcmanwomanchildThe process for developing and testing materials and activities is no different when communicating about SSFFC malaria medicines than with any other health issue. Begin by preparing creative briefs for all materials, engage creative expertise (writers, advertisers and producers, etc.), develop creative materials for review by technical experts, pretest revised materials with intended audiences and finalize them with the results of your pretest.

Creative briefs are short, written documents used by project managers and professionals to guide the development of creative materials (e.g., posters, leaflets, drama, film, websites, fact sheets and radio or TV spots). They are based on a communication strategy. Usually, creative briefs are no more than two pages in length and describe the format, define the audience(s), outline the key message content and show the desired results for a material or set of materials. Creative briefs guide the materials development process and should be shared with experts engaged to design and produce creative materials.

Engage the creative expertise (e.g., writers, advertisers or radio and video producers) necessary to develop the materials. Creative briefs will become part of the scopes of work for these experts. It can be helpful to stay in regular communication with the creative experts to ensure that final products support the overall communication strategy. This can be done by sharing and discussing the creative brief in the beginning, and providing regular feedback throughout the materials development process.

SBCC materials must be pretested with their intended audiences to ensure they are understood, compelling and are not offensive. It will also be important to pretest materials with gatekeepers to ensure they are accurate and in line with government priorities. To ensure the accuracy of information, program planners should also ask a group of stakeholders to review the SBCC materials. In most countries, there is a government review and approval process for SBCC materials that programs need to adhere to.

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Click here to find examples of creative briefs, draft materials and pretesting tools from Nigeria.

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