Nigeria, Ghana and Benin are just some of the countries that are working to reduce SSFFC malaria medicines. Click on areas below to learn more about each country and/or region. 


Greater Mekong Subregion

REMEMBER! Because SSFFC problems vary from country to country, campaigns and activities that worked in Senegal and Benin may not be effective in your country. For example, mobile verification systems and messages may not be effective in countries where medicine diversion is the primary problem, as the medicine likely started off genuine but has deteriorated during illicit transport. We encourage you to take inspiration from the examples shown here, but then choose a communication strategy and target audience based on the unique needs and resources available in your country. See Part 3 for guidance on how to develop and implement an SBCC campaign tailored for your country. If you have also conducted SBCC campaigns for SSFFC antimalarials but do not see your work here, contact us for ways to share your materials, experiences and lessons learned. 

Visit the Global SSFFC Malaria Medicine Resources page to learn more.