Lesson 1: International Fundraising Associations


The art of fundraising has been finely developed throughout the world. Fundraising organizations are represented internationally, regionally, nationally and locally. There are multiple reasons why you might choose to join such associations on various levels; primarily for the resources, networks, contacts and references that have been accumulated on behalf of successful fundraising.

This resource mobilization strategy will target organizations that may be familiar to NGOs in Sub Saharan Africa that are interested in developing targeted fundraising efforts while enhancing organizational management skills.

The following organizations are both appropriate and accessible for NGOs working in the region:

Association of Professional Fundraising
Southern Africa Institute of Fundraising
Charities Aid Foundation Global Alliance
Resource Alliance
Kenya Association of Fundraising Professions


World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
The Fundraising Authority
International Committee on Fundraising Organizations
Council on Foundations
European Fundraising Association
Certified Fund Raising Executive International
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