Proposal and Grant Applications

Lesson 4: Analyze a Solicitation

Once a procurement has been released and your organization has decided to respond to the solicitation, the first step in developing a grant or proposal is to critically read through the information provided in the procurement.  Before even beginning to write a proposal, every person on the proposal development team should read through the procurement at least once.

While reading through a procurement, make notes of the following information:

  • The stated results that the funder is seeking
  • The program components
  • Any request for key personnel
  • Available funding and project duration

  • Deadline for submission
  • Submission requirements
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Other key information and requirements

Many proposals are unsuccessful because organizations do not take the time to read through the procurement details carefully. Not doing so often results in proposals that are missing critical information requested by the funder. An organization may misinterpret the funder’s program goals and objectives which can also lead to an unresponsive proposal.  To avoid these pitfalls, your organization can begin to develop an outline of the technical proposal while going through the procurement details. Doing so can help ensure that a proposal is responding directly to each criteria stated in the procurement.

Procurement Analysis Worksheet

Instructions: Read and complete the following steps.

  1. Review the procurement carefully.
  2. Fill-out the underlined sections below to ensure you do not miss any critical information or instructions. The sections have been completed for you with information from a sample procurement as a reference.

Technical Proposal Outline Template

Instructions: Read through a procurement carefully and fill out the sections below to begin drafting the outline or your technical proposal.

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