Many other resources provide useful information as well. The Network for Good supports Nonprofit 911, a free webinar training series on nonprofit marketing and online fundraising, including use of video.

It is also important to develop budget(s) that reflect the true cost for implementation of the project; budgets that are transparent in every way. Many organizations/donors will include their own budget template to follow. However, if no template is included, consistent use of a budget form with accompanying budget narrative will help to clarify any questions that might be raised.

Fundraising Resources

Holding events to raise funds requires good organization to ensure your event will raise the funds you expect. Below are some resources to help create  and manage fundraising events and budgets.

Having a fundraising strategy that includes budgeting guidance is key. Here are more resources for planning your fundraising strategy: 


writingafundingproposalThe most completely developed free handbook on creating a proposal, Writing a Funding Proposal, can be found on the Civicus website.

Given its value to the user, the document should be reviewed by any first-time proposal writer/professional fundraiser.