Structure of the Proposal

There are many guides to the actual structure of the proposal, and the funding source may use a template for submissions. However, when a nonprofit is designing a structure, it is important to consider the following items for inclusion: 

Title Page

  • Title of Proposal
  • Name of Funder to whom proposal is being submitted
  • Name of Organization submitting proposal (including logo)
  • Contact Person
  • Date

Executive Summary

  • Context
  • Value of Organization
  • Value of Contribution
  • Period envisaged
  • Cost

Table of Contents

  • Main headings and page numbers

Proposal Description

  • Context
  • Opportunities
  • Objectives
  • Process
  • Intended Results and Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
  • Conclusions


  • Summarize financing plan
  • Budget items and totals


  • Technical Information
  • Timetable

  • Annual Report
  • Financial Statements


  • List of material referenced

While the technical aspects of a proposal are critical to the evaluation of the project, it is also important to tell a story. Make the issue relevant to the reader. Make certain that there is a clear call to action, and a clear description about how that call will be met.