SBCC for Emergency Preparedness I-Kit

Unit 5: Audience Profiling

This Unit takes audience analysis and segmentation a step further. It provides a tool to examine audiences with respect to pertinent information that can support the design of an effective communication response. The audience profiles, developed and pretested, will guide the identification of communication objectives, the development of messages and selection of communication channels.

Having completed this Unit you should now have the following tools to assist you in determining what you want audiences to do and how to reach them.

What Is Audience Profiling?

Audience profiling is the process of describing each audience segment to include information on demographics, current behaviors, knowledge, values, aspirations and emotions. Its purpose is to move beyond seeing the audience as a statistic and acknowledge that audience segments are made up of real people with real needs, feelings, motivations and desires.

Why is Audience Profiling Important?

Knowing the behaviors, knowledge, aspirations and feelings of an audience can help identify messages and activities that resonate and motivate behavior change. It allows for the selection of approaches to which audiences are more likely to respond for the desired changes to occur.

Key Steps for Effective Audience Profiling


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