I-Kit for Ebola Preparedness

Chapter 2. Ebola Communication Preparedness Stages and Guidance

As mentioned in Chapter 1, crises .Understanding the pattern of these phases as they occur during an Ebola crisis helps to anticipate problems, predict and/or adapt to specific communication needs and communicate more effectively during each phase. Chapter 2 provides information on the stages of emergency preparedness and recommended SBCC actions to take within each phase. Remember that the primary role of SBCC during an emergency like Ebola is to engage the public, help them make informed decisions about their risk, and encourage them to respond effectively to that risk.

Click below to navigate through the successive stages of emergency preparedness and learn what is needed in each.


Pre-Crisis Stage

What to do before the epidemic

Initial Stage

What to do during the early phase of an epidemic

Maintenance Stage

Using data and social mobilization to control the ongoing epidemic

Resolution Stage

Avoiding complacency as the epidemic wanes

Evaluation Stage

Reflecting and gathering lessons learned 

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