I-Kit for Ebola Preparedness

Chapter 3. Coordination Mechanisms for Ebola Communication

Chapter 3 is designed to assist country teams in the development and operationalization of a country coordinating mechanism for communication within the Ebola response.

Coordinating mechanisms are critical to ensure that the country is prepared to act at the first sign of an initial Ebola case, and continue consistent and effective SBCC throughout an outbreak. A coordinated communication response during an outbreak can help convey realistic expectations about the country’s capacity to respond and manage the outbreak. It also helps detect and manage the spread of rumors and misinformation, and promotes exchange of information and opinion among scientists and public health experts during an Ebola alert.

Central Ebola Response Mechanism

Creating a central, national command center

Ebola Communication Pillars

Key components of the communication strategy

Ebola Communication Coordination

Ensuring consistent and effective community engagement

Checklist: Setting up an Ebola Communication Coordinating Mechanism

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