Learn about SBCC and Gender

Before you begin the process of integrating gender into your SBCC strategy, it is important to gain a better understanding of what is meant by gender and the process to developing an SBCC intervention.

Take time to review the background and research, and familiarize yourself with the key concepts, programmatic approaches and technical considerations for gender integration. The information will be used and referred to throughout this I-Kit.


Key Gender Concepts

Understand key gender concepts and terminology used in this I-Kit.

Gender and Health Outcomes

Read the background and evidence on improving the health and well-being of nations by addressing gender inequalities. 

Gender and Behavior Change

Understand common approaches used in SBCC programming. 

SBCC and Gender: Theories

Learn the common theories used to guide SBCC programs. 

SBCC and Gender: Models and Frameworks

Learn the models and frameworks used in SBCC program design to achieve intended outcomes. 

Existing Scales for Evaluating Impact

Know the different scales developed to examine key gender-related constructs. 

Evidence-Based Recommendations for Gender and SBCC

Read the evidence-based recommendations collected from SBCC programs.