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Lesson 8: The Evaluation Plan

20150311_024332Once you have identified the social and financial return indicators, the next step in the business plan is to draft an evaluation plan that will contain the current and projected status of each of your indicators, the activities your organization will undertake to monitor and measure the indicator, and the month(s) in which these activities will be undertaken. The evaluation plan demonstrates to the potential funder or investor that your organization is intent on monitoring the effect the new SBCC product, service or intervention will have on the target population.

Social and Financial Return Gantt Chart

Instructions: Read and complete the following steps.

  1. Click on the Social and Financial Return Gantt Chart.
  2. Review the instructions and complete the Social Return tab using the indicators in the Social Return Worksheet.
  3. Review the instructions and complete the Financial Return tab using the indicators in the Financial Return Worksheet.




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