Business Plans

Lesson 1: The Organization’s Mission

The first step in drafting a business plan is to share a brief history of your organization, presented in a lively way that will engage the potential funder or investor.

Often the most compelling section of a business plan, the story behind the organization, describes how it started, its purpose and social intent, the characteristics of the founder(s), and the early difficulties overcome by the organization.

Good business plans focus on the people within the organization – their distinctive skills, experiences, and commitment to the success of the organization; the idea or business opportunity the organization seeks to pursue, along with a solid appreciation of the market and a good marketing plan; and a thorough understanding of the financial structure of the organization and what additional funding is required to bring the new idea to the market.

This is your organization's best opportunity to "hook" the readers and inspire them to read more, with the hope that they will eventually provide funding for your idea or business opportunity.

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