Designing an SBCC Intervention for FBP Behavior Change

Step 8: Develop an Implementation Plan

At this point, you have completed a situation analysis, identified your intended audience, developed communication objectives framed around the key barriers to FBP motivation, and identified the tools and resources you will either develop or adapt for your intervention. The next step is to determine how, by when and by whom your SBCC intervention will be implemented. 

The steps to developing an implementation plan for SBCC that addresses FBPs performance are identical to other types of SBCC interventions and follow these fundamental steps:

Determine Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Determine Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Ask the following key questions:

  • What competencies are needed to implement the strategy?
  • What potential partners have these competencies?
  • How will coordination for implementation be handled?
  • Who will serve as the lead implementer of the communication strategy?
  • Are there any capacity strengthening needs?
Outline Activities

Outline Activities

Answer the following questions and assign responsibility:

  • What are the activities that need to be implemented?
  • What are the intermediate steps for each activity?
  • What is the necessary sequence?
Establish a Timeline

Establish a Timeline

This plan outlines the time schedule for development, implementation and evaluation of activities. It is flexible and should be reviewed periodically.

Determine a Budget

Determine a Budget

This task determines how much funding is needed to implement the communication strategy.

C-Change developed a budget tool (see pg. 14) to guide the outline of the major budgeting categories for SBCC.

Finalize Implementation Plan

Finalize Implementation Plan

This activity summarizes how the SBCC strategy will be implemented answering the who?, what?, when? and how much? C-Change developed an implementation plan template (see pg. 3) you can use as a guide.


Record partner roles, activities, timeline and budget in the Step 8 section of the SBCC Strategy Template.


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