Key to Icons

Throughout this I-Kit, you will see the following recurring icons.

Icon Meaning
I-1_Reminder_v21 This symbol indicates reminders or suggestions for things to do and think about as you
plan your SBCC program.
I-2_Try it out_v2 This symbol invites you to Try it Out! and accompanies Worksheets that are designed to
help put what you learn into practice and better understand the Essential Element.
I-3_Resource _v2 In the text and in the Resources section at the end of each Essential Element, you will find additional tools that will help you and your team build on the lessons in the I-Kit, your knowledge and project examples. Look for the symbol shown here throughout the I-Kit to help point you to those resources.
I-4_Involve young people_v2 We encourage you to include young people when completing the Worksheets or developing strategies for your program. This helps to ensure that your programs will actually meet adolescents’ needs and be delivered in ways that make sense to adolescents. Look out for this symbol throughout the I-Kit for places that are particularly important for youth involvement.
I-5_Very-young-adolescents_v21 The I-Kit focuses on adolescents ages 10 to 19. However, limited programs specifically address or consider the needs of younger adolescents, between ages 10 and 14. To ensure this group is not forgotten, look for this symbol to point out special considerations for integrating
this population into your program planning.