Part 4: Sharing What You’ve Learned

Congratulations! By working through the Essential Elements outlined in this I-Kit, you are on your way to having a solid, strategic plan that can guide SBCC program planning and implementation, addressing the unique needs of adolescents in the urban environment. The I-Kit has highlighted the unique aspects of each element in the context of urban adolescents and provided Worksheets for skills-building opportunities for each Essential Element. As you go forward and implement your SBCC program for urban adolescents, sharing your experiences can provide valuable lessons for others who are implementing urban adolescent programs.

Springboard-logoA useful forum for this is the Springboard for Health Communication Professionals—a platform for sharing health communication knowledge, experiences and resources. The Springboard supports and nurtures regional communities of health communication practitioners, scholars and policymakers, and facilitates in-person, face-to-face networking events at the country or regional level, as well as online communities of practice, discussion forums and webinars. To register, visit Springboard.

Please also share your thoughts about this I-Kit and any other topics that you would like to learn more about by sending a message to HC3.