Part 1: Context and Justification

What is the Purpose of the Implementation Kit?

The purpose of the Urban Adolescent Social and Behavior Change Communication Implementation Kit (I-Kit) is to provide a selection of Essential Elements and tools to guide the creation, or strengthening, of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) social and behavior change communication (SBCC) programs for urban adolescents aged 10 to 19.

The I-Kit is designed to teach these essential SBCC elements and includes worksheets to illustrate each element and facilitate practical application. cover3

The seven Essential Elements that form the structure of the I-Kit are:

The I-Kit is not a step-by-step guide on how to develop and implement a complete SBCC program because there are other resources that detail those steps. If you would like more information on how to develop a complete SBCC program step-by-step, you can refer to the “Resources” section at the end of the I-Kit. There you will find a selection of tools that can guide you through the development of an SBCC program from start to finish.

Instead, this I-Kit highlights the Essential Elements of SBCC programming, with particular focus on what is unique in the context of urban adolescents. The I-Kit can be used as a whole, from start to finish, or you may also just work on the Essential Elements that are important for your program.

Who is the Audience for the Implementation Kit?

The I-Kit is intended for a range of audiences, including:

SBCC professionals, like program managers, designers and implementers who are already working with adolescents or are interested in doing so.

SRH professionals, like program managers, designers and implementers who are already incorporating SBCC components or interested in doing so.

Youth-led organizations or youth-focused professionals, like program managers, designers and implementers who are already working on, or interested in, incorporating SBCC elements into their SRH work.

What Does the Implementation Kit Include?

cover2The I-Kit includes:

  1. Context and Justification: Part 1 lays the foundation. It provides basic definitions of SBCC and urban adolescents, and provides an overview of elements for successful SBCC program design. The I-Kit uses a fictional group of characters and a non-governmental organization (NGO) in an imaginary city called Zanbe. These characters and their stories are used throughout the I-Kit to illustrate the Essential Elements and Worksheets.
  2. Essential Elements and Worksheets: These sections describe important themes and components of SBCC SRH programs for urban adolescents. Each Essential Element includes key considerations, short examples and Worksheets, which are designed to help users learn how to apply the SBCC element. The Worksheets can be used for practice or with real data in the planning or strengthening of an existing program. Sample completed Worksheets are provided to help finish those that are blank. We recommend that you photocopy the set of Worksheets for you and your team to use as you review the kit.
  3. Resources: Both in the text, and in the Resources section at the end of each Essential Element, you will find additional tools on SBCC and program design.

How Should the Implementation Kit be Used?


The purpose of the I-Kit is to help you understand the key components of the SBCC planning process and how those specifically apply to SRH programs targeting urban adolescents, it can be used as a self-facilitated learning tool or part of training.

Use the I-Kit from start to finish as each Essential Element builds on the previous one. However, it is also possible to work with individual sections based on program needs. The time it takes to complete each element will vary, depending on the user’s level of experience and how he/she is using it. On average, working through a whole Essential Element, including the corresponding Worksheets, should take between two and four hours. While the I-Kit can be used by individuals, it is recommended that the Worksheets be completed in groups to include different perspectives, dialogue and critical thinking.

Adaptability of the Implementation Kit

The Kit is designed to support SBCC programming for urban youth and highlights important elements of SRH SBCC interventions for youth in urban settings. However, the Essential Elements described can easily be used for other health topics, geographic settings or age groups. You can use the Essential Elements for your particular program needs and gather the relevant data.