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Implementation Kit Icons and Meanings “Key”

Introducing a Fictional Setting

Social and Behavior Change Communication

SBCC Theories

Lessons Learned From Successful SBCC Urban Adolescent Programs


Essential Element 1 : Collecting Helpful Information About Urban Adolescent |  Download Essential Element 1

1. Determine the Sexual and Reproductive Health Problem

2. Use Primary and Secondary Research




Essential Element 2: Navigating the Urban Environment for Youth |  Download Essential Element 2

1. Conduct a Community Mapping or Urban Assessment

2. Identify Potential Priority Partners


Essential Element 3: Segmenting Your Audience Download Essential Element 3

1. Choose Your Intended Audience

2. Identify Primary and Secondary Audiences


Essential Element 4: Creating an Audience Profile Download Essential Element 4

1. Review the Data Collected on Priority Audience Segments

2. Summarize Key Information and Create Audience Profile(s)

3. Pretest Profiles with the Audience


Essential Element 5: Establishing Behavioral Objectives and Indicators Download Essential Element 5

1. Consider and Set Behavioral Objectives

2. Make Behavioral Objectives SMART

3. Establish Behavioral Indicators


Essential Element 6: Identifying Communication Channels in the Urban Environment Download Essential Element 6

1. Consider Communication Channel Pros and Cons for Using with Urban Youth

2. Find Available Channels Reaching the Intended Audience

3. Select a Combination of Lead and Supportive Channels

Creating Surround Sound and Message Reinforcement


Essential Element 7: Developing Messages for Urban Adolescents Download Essential Element 7

1. Develop a Creative Brief

2. Understand the Language Used by the Intended Audience

3. Pretest to Get the Language and Visuals Right for Urban Adolescents