Activity Planning

Activity planning for integrated SBCC programs can be considerably more complicated than for vertical programs. Depending on your approach, multiple activities for several topics may take place at the same time. Create a realistic and detailed integrated SBCC timeline or implementation plan clearly mapping out how the different activities relate to each other.

Considerations for Activity Planning

Whether you build on existing programs, use a phased implementation approach, have an overarching umbrella campaign or use a combination of these approaches, be sure you have a complete picture of how everything fits together. During the implementation phase, it is critical that all activities make sense in the minds of project implementers, stakeholders and, most importantly, your target audience.

Sample Integrated SBCC Program Activities
  • Integrated one-on-one counseling between a client and a provider that addresses reproductive health, exercise and nutrition
  • Group talks for young mothers at the health facility that address immunization, early childhood development, malaria prevention and nutrition
  • Counseling materials for adolescent boys ages 15 to 19 covering voluntary medical male circumcision, HIV and STI prevention, reproductive health and family planning
  • Community outreach programs emphasizing the nutritional and economic benefits of vegetable gardens
  • An after-school program for secondary school students that ties together economic empowerment and sexual and reproductive health
  • Community health fairs offering HIV testing and counseling, STI and cervical cancer screening, family planning services, blood pressure screening, insecticide-treated bed net (ITN) hanging demonstrations and nutritional cooking classes
  • A mass media campaign with radio, television, outdoor, print and social media executions on couple communication, gender norms, family planning and couple HIV testing and counseling
  • An entertainment-education TV serial drama that interweaves storylines on malaria prevention, voluntary medical male circumcision, concurrent sexual partnerships, family planning, and PMTCT