Models and Platforms

Integrated SBCC Platforms

The merits of integrated SBCC platforms were included in the Design section of this I-Kit. Consider the various platforms you might use for your integrated campaign. Distinct from the overarching umbrella brand unifying the entire project, integrated platforms are discrete activities that unite topics. The following are examples of integrated SBCC platforms used under TCCP. These platforms addressed all or some of the following health areas: HIV prevention, HIV treatment, voluntary medical male circumcision, HIV testing and counseling, PMTCT, most vulnerable children, family planning, MCH and Malaria.


Implementation Platform: Television (TV) Serial Drama

Siri ya Mtungi (“Secrets of the African Pot”) was a 26-episode TV serial drama that followed the ups and downs of a dynamic cast of characters as they managed relationships, work, health and life’s joys and sorrows. This longer format entertainment-education approach modeled behavior change and all of its challenges in a compelling, believable way, allowing viewers to experience the journey alongside the characters. Supportive social media channels amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and engaged them in lively, thought-provoking conversations around Siri ya Mtungi’s storylines.

Implementation Platform: Television and Radio Game Show

Aiisseee! (“I Say!”) was a game show designed to improve couple communication and promote couple connectedness. Through a combined game show and documentary format, the show gave contestants, listeners and viewers the chance to discuss serious relationship issues in a humorous way, paving the way for continued dialogue. Social media platforms provided a further avenue for conversation.

Implementation Platform: Radio Distance Learning Program

Kamiligado (“Fully Equipped”) provided remote training for community volunteers in community mobilization and TCCP health areas through 39 30-minute radio episodes. Each episode explored a different community mobilization topic and covered a particular health area. Registered listeners also received a set of tools to assist them in their community work, including a community mobilization guide and 16 information cards about the various health topics.

Implementation Platform: Radio Magazine Programs

Locally produced radio magazine programs utilized a number of approaches to address TCCP’s health topics, including radio diaries, interview segments with experts and testimonials with service beneficiaries. TCCP made this platform available for partner and stakeholder use to provide expertise, address health challenges facing the community and encourage the community to utilize existing health services. The program worked primarily with radio stations, allowing for highly localized and targeted programming.

Implementation Platform: Community-Wide Events

Concerts, clinic shows, health fairs and other community-wide events provided rich opportunities for both demand creation and service provision for a range of health areas, all at the same time and in the same location. Voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), family planning and other services would be provided alongside communication activities.

Implementation Platform: Comprehensive Community Resource Kit

The Sarafi ya Mafanikio (“Journey of Success”) community resource kit’s unique and highly participatory methodology engaged participants through interactive storytelling, drama, games, metaphors, personal risk assessments and other innovative activities which inspired solution-seeking behaviors and shifted mental models around deeply held cultural beliefs. The modular nature of the kit allowed facilitators to design and implement sessions relevant to the circumstances of the target community, enabling them to choose the most relevant sessions for the disease burden in their area, and adapt lessons for different target audiences.