The most useful monitoring and evaluation results lead to programmatic improvements (and removal or discontinuation ineffective approaches). Use your monitoring and evaluation findings to make minor and major course corrections along the way, as well as to plan how to do the next program better and more efficiently. Consider:

  • What should the program do more of?
  • What should the program discontinue or do less of?
  • What are the most appropriate way to package and organize or sequence topics?
  • What new opportunities are suggested by the evaluation findings that might be worth trying?
  • Is there any need for audience re-prioritization or different segmentation?
  • How might the RM&E plan and its implementation be expanded, simplified, improved?
  • Are there ways to strengthen partnerships (including adding and subtracting partners)?
  • Are topics or approaches integrated to right degree? Could they be linked in a better way?
  • Which topics worked well together and which did not?
  • How did partners and stakeholder groups feel about the integration process?