Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Resources

Facts on the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescent Women in the Developing World (2010)Guttmacher Institute and IPPF
How to Reach Young Adolescents: A toolkit for educating 10-14 year olds on sexual and reproductive health (2011)DSWThe toolkit presents several overlapping approaches to increase young adolescents’ SRH knowledge and improve their sexual behaviors. It is based on DSW’s own experience piloting the Young Adolescents Project in Uganda from 2009 to 2011.
Evidence and Rights-based Planning and Support Tool for SRHR/HIV Prevention Interventions for Young People (2009)Stop AIDS Now! And World Population FoundationThe tool has been developed for organizations that already implement sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) education for young people and want to analyze their program, as well as those who are planning to develop a new program. The aim of the tool is to encourage people who develop SRHR education to reflect on why certain decisions in program development and implementations were made and about the reasons why their program and its implementation are the way they are.
Influencing the Sexual and Reproductive Health of Urban Youth through Social and Behavior Change Communication: A Literature Review (2014)Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)
The Time is Now: Invest in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Young People. (2012)Population Reference BureauThis fact sheet provides an overview of key messages about the SRH of young people in developing countries and why it is important to invest in it.
Young People Today. Time to Act Now (2013)UNESCOThis report provides insights into the state of SRH education in Sub-Saharan African schools as well as data to indicate the importance of improving sexual education in schools.
Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity (2011)UNICEFThis report on the state of the world’s children focuses on adolescence and with particular focus on the challenges facing youth in developing countries. It also highlights how globalization, migration and technology affects the way youth are growing up in these evolving contexts.
Motherhood in Childhood (2013)UNFPAThis report focuses on the challenges of adolescent pregnancies world-wide, providing statistics, information on the consequences of early pregnancy and provides a call to action.