Essential Element 2 Resources

Family Planning, HIV/AIDS & STIs, and Gender Matrix: A Tool for Youth Reproductive Health ProgrammingInternational Youth FoundationThe matrix can assist technical experts, program managers, health providers, peer educators and others to determine what topics and interventions best fit into their own respective programs while taking cultural paradigms into consideration.
Health Equity Through Intersectoral Action: An Analysis of 18 Country Case Studies World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada, 2008 This document is a collection of 18 case studies of cross-sector solutions for health, ranging from community-based approaches to national initiatives. The resource features two case studies from projects focused on adolescents and youth, as well as an analysis of key themes and best practices for intersectoral partnerships.
The Partnering Toolbook: An Essential Guide to Cross-Sector Partnering The Partnering Initiative, 2011 This tool provides interactive guidance on how to think through forming cross-sector partnerships. While not explicitly focused on health programming, this tool includes sections on identifying partners, mapping resources and managing partnerships that are helpful to a variety of projects working with youth. Please note that you must register with the Partnering Initiative website to access this resource.