Demand Generation I-Kit for Underutilized, Life Saving Commodities

Exemples de projets sur les SRO/le zinc

Cliquez sur l’image pour afficher des exemples de projets sur les SRO/le zinc

ORS/Zinc Poster Examples

6. Ad_DKT International_Ethiopia 5. Poster_MI_India
ORS/Zinc posters in Ethiopia (left) and India (right)

9. zinc:ors poster nepal_thumb 10.zinc ors poster ghana_thumb 7. Job Aid_PSI_Madagascar_thumb
ORS/Zinc poster in Nepal (left), Gahna (middle) and Madagascar

11. zinc ors job aid front_thumb 12. zinc ors job aid back_thumb

ORS/Zinc poster front (left) and back (right)

16. zinc ors poster uganda_thumb 17. zinc ors poster consumer nigeria_thumb

ORS/Zinc poster in Uganda (left) and Nigeria (right)

ORS/Zinc Field Activities

3. TV pic_ICDDRB_Bangladesh

Picture of folksong performance in Bangladesh (ICDDRB)

2. Folksong Pic_ICDDRB_Bangladesh

Picture of TV show in Bangladesh (ICDDRB)

4. Magic Show Pic_ICDDRB_Bangladesh

Picture of magic show in Bangladesh (ICDDRB)

 ORS/Zinc Packaging Examples

8. Packaging_PSI_Guinea

ORS/Zinc Packaging in Guinea

Evaluation Report and Case Studies

1.1 SMS ORS:Zinc Eval_ABTAssocEval_Ghana_thumb 15. zinc ors multiple materials India (LARGE FILE)_thumb14. zinc ors flip chart Nigeria_thumb

Evaluation of mobile phone to improve diarrhea treatment (left), ORS/Zinc program examples (middle), OSZ/Zinc slides (right)

pdf icon Download Evaluation of mobile phone to improve diarrhea treatment
pdf icon Download ORS/Zinc Program Examples
pdf icon Download ORS/Zinc Slides

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